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Explore New Features

As we move into the new year, we are excited to announce a few new features that we have added to the Letterpad platform. These features have been asked by the community and we are happy to bring them to you.

📊 Analytics: Now you can see detailed metrics of your blog and how each post is performing.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Followers: Now you can follow your favourite authors. You will be notified when they publish new articles.

❤️ Like Button: All articles now have a like button. You can now show your appreciation to the authors by liking their articles.

👦 New Profile Page: The new redesigned profile page is now more engaging and is more informative.

📙 Improved Search: The global search functionality has been improved. Now it is faster and more accurate.

⭐ Featured Posts: We have added a new section to the homepage that will showcase the featured posts. Every week we will feature six best articles from the platform.

💅 New Homepage and Design: The new redesigned homepage now displays your articles for better discoverability.

🔑 Single Sign On: Now you can interact with other Author's posts using your own platform credentials.

🤺 Improved Performance: We have improved the performance of the platform. Now it is faster and more reliable.

🔭 Improved SEO: With improved SEO, your articles will rank better in search engines.

🤖 Generative AI: We have added a new feature that allows AI completion. You will have to use your own API key from OpenAI to use this feature.


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